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AI &
The Intersection of Faith

This course focuses on helping members of the Christian community understand and utilize AI applications and tools within the context of their faith:

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Course Description: This course is designed to introduce members of the Christian community to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and tools while emphasizing their relevance and ethical use within the context of faith. Participants will explore various AI technologies that can enhance their spiritual and practical aspects of life.

Course Goals:

  1. Understand the basics of Artificial Intelligence.

  2. Discover AI applications that align with Christian values.

  3. Develop practical skills to use AI tools responsibly in a faith-based context.

  4. Foster discussions on the ethical implications of AI in faith communities.

Course Duration: 8 weeks (16 sessions)

Course Outline:

Week 1: Introduction to AI

  • Overview of AI and its significance in modern society.

  • Introduction to AI terminology and key concepts.

  • Ethical considerations in AI and its implications for faith communities.

Week 2: AI and Faith-Based Content

  • AI-driven content recommendation for faith-related materials.

  • Bible study and devotion apps powered by AI.

  • Personalized spiritual growth with AI.

Week 3: AI for Community Building

  • AI-driven social platforms for faith communities.

  • Virtual events, webinars, and livestreaming with AI enhancements.

  • Creating and managing faith-based online communities.

Week 4: AI and Christian Counseling

  • AI chatbots for providing spiritual guidance and support.

  • Ethical considerations in AI-powered counseling.

  • Interactive prayer and meditation experiences with AI.

Week 5: AI in Worship and Music

  • AI-generated worship music and hymns.

  • Enhancing worship experiences with AI visuals and effects.

  • Creative use of AI for church presentations.

Week 6: AI and Christian Education

  • AI-driven e-learning platforms for theological studies.

  • AI-powered language learning tools for Bible translations.

  • Personalized learning paths with AI assistance.

Week 7: Ethical AI Usage in Christian Communities

  • AI bias and fairness in faith-based applications.

  • Ensuring data privacy and security in faith-oriented AI tools.

  • Ethical AI guidelines for Christian users and developers.

Week 8: Future of AI and Faith

  • Emerging AI technologies and their potential impact on faith communities.

  • AI in religious research and theological exploration.

  • Reflections on the course and future AI initiatives within the Christian community.

Assessment and Certification:

  • Weekly reflections and discussions.

  • Final project: Developing or enhancing a faith-based AI application.

  • Course completion certificate.


  • Basic computer and internet literacy.

  • An interest in exploring AI in the context of faith.

Course Materials:

  • Recommended readings and faith-related online resources.

  • Access to AI applications and tools used during the course.

Additional Resources:

  • Guest speakers from faith and technology sectors.

  • Q&A sessions and hands-on workshops.

Course Benefits:

  • Empowered Christian community members with AI knowledge.

  • Enhanced understanding of AI's role in faith-based activities.

  • Ethical and responsible AI usage within a faith context.

  • Promotion of faith-driven innovation in AI.

This course aims to bridge the gap between AI technology and faith by empowering the Christian community with the knowledge and skills to navigate AI applications and tools that align with their values and beliefs. Dr. Cheri 'Pavi' Givens will guide participants through the course, fostering meaningful discussions and exploration of AI within the faith community.

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