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AI for
End Users

This course is designed to help individuals without technical backgrounds understand and utilize AI applications and tools effectively:

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Course Description: This course is designed for non-technical individuals who want to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) without the need for technical expertise. Participants will explore practical AI applications and tools that can enhance their personal and professional lives.

Course Goals:

  1. Understand the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence.

  2. Discover AI applications suitable for non-technical users.

  3. Develop practical skills to use AI tools in everyday life.

  4. Promote ethical and responsible AI usage.

Course Duration: 8 weeks (16 sessions)

Course Outline:

Week 1: Introduction to AI

  • Overview of AI and its relevance in various industries.

  • AI terminology and basic concepts are explained without technical jargon.

  • Ethical considerations in AI usage.

Week 2: Everyday AI

  • AI in smartphones, smart homes, and personal devices.

  • Voice assistants and practical uses.

  • Hands-on practice with voice commands.

Week 3: AI for Personal Productivity

  • AI-powered tools for time management and organization.

  • Virtual assistants for scheduling and task management.

  • Practical use of AI to enhance personal productivity.

Week 4: AI in Communication

  • AI-driven communication tools, chatbots, and virtual assistants.

  • Efficient email management with AI.

  • Setting up and using AI chatbots.

Week 5: AI for Entertainment

  • AI in content recommendation (streaming, music, books).

  • AI-generated art and creative content.

  • Personalizing entertainment preferences with AI.

Week 6: AI in Health and Wellness

  • AI-powered health monitoring and fitness apps.

  • Telehealth and AI healthcare tools.

  • Practical use of AI for health and wellness.

Week 7: AI for Travel and Lifestyle

  • AI in navigation and travel planning.

  • AI-driven lifestyle and shopping recommendations.

  • Using AI for local exploration and travel.

Week 8: Ethical AI Usage

  • AI bias and fairness.

  • Data privacy and security.

  • Responsible AI usage guidelines for non-technical users.


  • Basic computer and smartphone literacy.

  • No technical background required.

Course Materials:

  • Recommended readings and user-friendly online resources.

  • Access to user-friendly AI applications and tools used during the course.

Additional Resources:

  • Q&A sessions and hands-on workshops.

  • Guidance for integrating AI into personal and professional life.

Course Benefits:

  • Enhanced understanding of AI for non-technical users.

  • Practical skills to navigate AI applications confidently.

  • Ethical and responsible AI usage in everyday life.

  • Empowerment to leverage AI for personal and professional productivity.

This course aims to demystify AI for non-technical users, equipping them with practical knowledge and skills to make the most of AI applications and tools in their daily lives. Dr. Cheri 'Pavi' Givens will guide participants through the course, ensuring a user-friendly and accessible learning experience.

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