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In an era where technology and faith intersect in profound ways, Dr. Cheri 'Pavi' Dawson-Givens stands at the forefront as a visionary educator and advocate for the ethical use of artificial intelligence. As the founder of SocialCo-Lab, Dr. Givens is dedicated to demystifying AI for non-technical end users, empowering them to leverage cutting-edge tools and apps with confidence and a deep sense of purpose.

With a rich background that bridges the gap between technology, education, and Christian ministry, Dr. Givens' approach to digital learning is both holistic and heart-centered. She believes in the transformative power of AI to enhance personal, professional, and spiritual journeys, always guided by a commitment to integrity, compassion, and ethical stewardship.

Through SocialCo-Lab's innovative online courses, Dr. Givens is not just teaching the mechanics of AI; she's inspiring a community of learners to think critically about the role of technology in society, to innovate responsibly, and to use their skills in service of greater good. Her work illuminates the path for those seeking to navigate the digital age with wisdom, ensuring that advances in AI enrich not just individual lives but the fabric of communities worldwide.

Join Dr. Givens and the SocialCo-Lab community on a journey of discovery, where faith meets technology, ethics guide innovation, and education empowers transformation.


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